Lucknow Presbyterian Church
South Kinloss Presbyterian Church

Together we can make a difference.  Let's make it happen!

We Believe

Jesus is Lord and Saviour of the world and the head of the Church.  He reconciled all of creation to God through the redemptive work on the cross, as the ultimate act of unconditional love.  Our response as God's children is to worship and enjoy God, together and forever.

Our Mission

To be places of belonging where all may experience love,  joy, hope and peace.  We strive to be life- transforming partners in Jesus Christ's service and discipleship.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we aim to share in each other's life journeys to provide caring, fulfillment and support.

Who We Are

​A welcoming and compassionate, faith-based group of Christian people.  With a unique partnership between Lucknow Presbyterian Church and South Kinloss Presbyterian Church, we're a Christ-centred people in the Lucknow community and surrounding area.

We are created to be communal beings!  Can you imagine living a life without a purpose?  Can you imagine a life that is mundane and without fulfilment?  Tragically, there are many people who live a fruitless lifestyle.  Life can be difficult and life can get messy!

As a committed people bonded by the unconditional love that Jesus Christ brings, Lucknow Presbyterian Church and South Kinloss Presbyterian Church are composed of caring and passionate people who want to share in life journeys together and find meaning and fulfillment together!  There is no greater joy than experiencing the love of God and we want you to share in God's unconditional love with us!  Please join us for our Sunday worship services and our other community events.  We'd love to have you with us!

Passion and Commitment